Crown chakra

The seventh chakra, also called the crown chakra, corresponds to the element of transcendence. It is on the highest point of the head and connects us with the universal energy. It is symbolized by a lotus with 1000 leaves (sahasrara = thousand leaves) and vibrates in the color violet, but can also be associated with the color white or gold. 

The crown chakra directs our attention to the spiritual side of life. It is about the deeper nature of all things and realizing that we are all made of the same universal thought material and that indeed everything is spiritual energy. This chakra is the center for the awakening of compassion and unconditional love.



When the crown chakra is activated/open, one feels deeply connected to the universe, as being a part of the whole. The focus shifts away from ego concerns towards more universal and spiritual concerns. You have the strong belief that everything you need is already present in you. The beauty of the world is perceived gratefully and humbly. A balanced crown chakra makes us strive for completeness and fulfillment.

Too strong

Most often an overemphasized crown chakra manifests itself in people withdrawing and having a lack of interest in the "real" world, because they are so much in search of enlightenment that the real world is only perceived as a distraction. However, real life provides the basis for spiritual unfolding.

Too weak

When the crown chakra is blocked, one loses faith in life itself. You feel "separated" from the world, worthless, lacking inspiration and believing you have no destiny ("lost soul"). One feels no connection to the universe.

Physically, the crown chakra is not assigned to a specific area. The meaning is so comprehensive that it affects the entire organism. It has a protective and harmonizing effect on all aspects of physical and mental being.

Balance the crown chakra

The most effective way to awaken the crown chakra is through daily meditation. Meditation is helpful in coping with stress, purifying the mind, calming emotions and relaxing the body. It doesn't take much time, is free of charge and doesn't need any special skills. The only important thing is to do it regularly.


Other ways to balance the crown chakra migth be:


Colour: violet
Sense: transcendence, or in other words the ability to remain in the world but remain unaffected by it.
Gemstones: moldavite, diamonds, amethyst,clear quartz
Emotional Aspect: spirituality
Physical Aspect: central nervous system, musculature and skeletal system
Food: none

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