Heart chakra

The heart chakra corresponds to the element of air. It is located in the chest area in the heart region and is symbolized by two superimposed triangles with 12 lotus leaves in the color green (or pink). The heart chakra stands for affection, warmth, friendship, friendliness, patience and familiarity. It is the centre of compassion, forgiveness, generosity, care and love.


As the heart is the most important organ in the body, the fourth chakra is the most important energy center in your psychic body. It forms the bridge between the physical chakras one, two and three and the other chakras five, six and seven. On an energetic level it serves as a gateway from the physical self to the "higher self", or to the soul.



The focus of the heart chakra is about giving and receiving love without hesitation. When the heart chakra is healthy, it is easy for you to give love. People with an open heart chakra are uncomplicated, accepting, graceful and optimistic. They have a charismatic quality and attract others as if they were drawn to a warm and healing fire. A balanced heart chakra invites you to laugh.

Too strong

For the heart chakra there is actually no too strong expression. Universal love in itself cannot be exaggerated. Therefore, problems tend to arise if the chakra is weak or underdevelopped.

Too weak

When the fourth chakra is blocked, characteristics such as uncertainty, jealousy and isolation are pronounced. You can feel shy, lonely and withdrawn. The heart becomes stiff. A deficient heart chakra is caused by trauma and abuse or emotional abandonment. This is particularly pronounced when people can no longer feel any cordial feelings and reduce human contact to a minimum.

Another manifestation of the heart chakra that is too weak is self-sacrifice for others (helper syndrome): one's own needs are completely relegated to the needs of others. This is often done out of a sense of duty or the hope of getting just as much back. 

On a physical level, disturbances of the heart chakra are mainly noticeable through respiratory diseases, allergies and heart complaints. They indicate that the energy of the heart chakra cannot flow properly. In general, the heart chakra supplies our defences - so those who suffer particularly frequently from colds should intensively strengthen this chakra. 

Balance the heart chakra

With the strengthening of the heart chakra, it is more and more possible to live in harmonious relationship to other people, to oneself and to the whole environment. Furthermore, the connection of the lower three chakras with the upper three is strengthened. The following tips can help to balance your heart chakra:

  • Spoil yourself with little things in everyday life

  • Take time for yourself and do something that is really fun

  • Volunteering in an organisation you are attracted to

  • Forgiving someone (and especially yourself)

  • Do favors for others without asking for recognition or attention

  • Create beauty and peace in your living environment

  • Hug someone

  • Heart-opening Yoga Asanas

  • Heart chakra meditations


Colour: green and pink
Sense: sense of touch
Gemstones: rose quartz, rhodonite, emerald, diamond
Emotional aspect: relationships and love 
Physical aspect: heart and circulation, immune system, skin, lungs, bronchi
green leafy vegetables (spinach, rocket, kale)





Cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower)






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